Getting together with others—and sharing experiences and mutual interests—can be both gratifying and therapeutic. It’s also more fun than doing things alone all the time. Start by picking the activities or programs that interest you, and get ready to engage with some other awesome people.

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Support The Troops

Do you want to do something to help our soldiers serving overseas? We send packages to our troops on a regular basis, not just during the holidays. If possible items should be fragrance- free, no pork products, no perishables, glass or crushable items. Think of items useful and easily packable! Short list of suggested items

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Spanish For those who want to learn conversational Spanish and have fun while doing so.  Instructor: Nydia Delgado.

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History Class

History Class From Washington to Mandela, WWII to the American Revolution, learn about history, local and international, and the men and women that made it.  Fun, entertaining, and informative.   Led by a number of highly qualified instructors.

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Genealogy Lab

Genealogy Lab Research your roots through at the Center. Learn how to trace your family tree. Bring your laptop if you have one. We will provide a laptop if you do not have one. This research will be done on a computer. Fridays at noon. Led by Albert P. Heydt

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County Meadows Allentown provides monthly cooking demonstrations. Professional instruction. Delicious food. Fun presentation. These fill up fast so act fast to get a spot.

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INTRO TO COMPUTERS I & II Course Description:  Windows 10 This course provides the student with an idea of the content of our “Introduction to Computers” course.  The information is drawn from “Help & Support” functions of the Microsoft environment, utilizing specific examples, handouts, hands-on experiences, and instructor in-depth knowledge.  Areas stressed are computer security,

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