Getting together with others—and sharing experiences and mutual interests—can be both gratifying and therapeutic. It’s also more fun than doing things alone all the time. Start by picking the activities or programs that interest you, and get ready to engage with some other awesome people.

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Glow Confidence Workshop by InnaStar Enhance your self-confidence through self-development, creative expression and personal growth. Taught by Jacinth Headlam Film producer, Author, Actress and QVC Television Talent!   Six sessions: Introduction To Confidence Communication Skills Embracing Inner Strengths Etiquette and Social Graces Make Over and Photo Shoot Public Speaking, Recital and Awards   $60.00 (Scholarships

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Grief Support Group Wednesdays at 6:00 p.m.  Drop In Anytime. We all experience loss.  Loss can have us feel deeply alone. Loss can isolate us from others. Loss can be that sadness that never seems to leave us. Meeting and sharing with others can begin the healing process. Healing is not the absence of pain,

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