Creative Arts

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Come join our fun ceramics classes! These classes feature new techniques and new pieces. Formed pieces give everyone a starting point. Stencils, hand painting and imagination give everyone a chance to express themselves. Tuesday morning and Tuesday afternoon. The first class is FREE!

Cooking Classes

Many To Choose From… Always changing and always fun!

Acrylic Lessons

Exciting acrylic medium on canvas and many other surfaces. Eastern and western concepts and techniques will be combined effectively. Individual instruction and technique demonstrations will provide added inspiration. Bring your canvas and a basic acrylic set with some brushes. We will discuss what else will be needed in class. Includes material fee.

Drawing Lessons

An introduction to composition, outline and shading techniques.  Monday mornings.

Art For Everyone

We welcome you to studio arts. Dolly has been involved in the art field for over 50 years. Whatever medium you choose, help is available. Both new and advanced students are welcome. Tuesday morning and afternoon and Friday morning. Come join in the fun.

Arts & Crafts Group

Enjoy working with your hands and keeping those fingers nimble! Monday and Wednesday mornings.

Wednesday Evening Paint and Sip Art Class

Join others learning to paint. Everyone paints the same picture under the guidance of an instructor. Great fun and you will surprise yourself at how good an artist you really are. Refreshments served. Call 610-437-3700 for details.

Diamond Painting

Based on the concepts of mosaics and paint by numbers.  Create something that sparkles. Monday and Wednesday afternoons.

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