Celebrating Change: Lehigh Valley Active Life Announces New Name

December 21, 2018

Allentown, PA (December 2, 2013)―Lehigh County Senior Center proudly unveils its new identity as Lehigh Valley Active Life. This shift signals the organization’s commitment to providing resources, expert advice and a variety of programs to older and active adults in the Lehigh Valley. The announcement coincides with the organization’s upcoming launch of a newly revamped website and redesigned logo. Also, the organization has incorporated celebrations around the new name into its December 3, 2013 Open House Event. Those in attendance will be able to experience the varied activities and classes available to members. Lehigh Valley Active Life remains at its current location: 1633 Elm Street, Allentown, PA 18102.

“After more than 50 years, we have evolved into the organization you see today,” said Rick Daugherty, Executive Director of Lehigh Valley Active Life. “Our new name and look signifies our ability and dedication toward offering our members the best resources in the Lehigh Valley. Beyond our varied programs―from fitness and creative arts, to games and education―we find that the most valued part of being a member is the feeling of being socially connected with purpose. Ultimately, that means helping people transition from busy and active lives before retirement to busy and active lives after retirement.” Lehigh Valley Active Life plans to offer programs and services that offer members a wide variety of experiences:

Arts: Whether the goal is self-expression through creative arts, storytelling through dance or simple enjoyment by hearing music played by others, the arts have the power to bring together a community. A sampling of what is available through Lehigh Valley Active Life includes classes as diverse as Basic Oriental Painting and Ballroom Dancing, to Big Band performances and Djembe Drumming Circles.

Education: The need and desire to understand and learn starts early and never stops. Spending time with grandchildren often serves as a reminder that discovery and learning are always constants. While the demands of ever-changing technology, on the other hand, make furthering education a requirement. A sampling of what is available through Lehigh Valley Active Life includes classes that offer an introduction to Windows 8 operating system, professional advice on filing taxes, lecture series that cover topics such as bereavement and history discussions on leaders past and present.

Fitness: The general population is aging and living longer. As a result, seniors desire to thrive during their retirement years and appreciate the benefits of leading healthy lifestyles. In particular, physical activity and fitness affect how you feel both in mind and body―today and tomorrow. A sampling of what is available through Lehigh Valley Active Life includes aerobics, strength training, swimming, tai chi, yoga and zumba.

Social Activities: Maintaining and growing social connections with friends, family and community is intrinsically linked to feelings of well-being. Whether that is through new experiences or well-loved pastimes, the benefits remain the same. A sampling of what is available through Lehigh Valley Active Life includes games, ice cream socials and wine tasting outings.

Support Groups: Frequently, people face similar questions or issues, often as a result of major life changes. Surrounded by others, individuals can find strength in numbers and gain a sense of control or simply practical advice. An example of what is available through Lehigh Valley Active Life includes the Life Sharing Events Group, an informational discussion group that covers a variety of things that have importance in your life, for instance difficulties paying bills, having challenging conversations with others.

In order to enhance members’ complete experience, the organization will launch a new website prior to the end of the year.  New features will give users easy access to all the ways the center supports an active senior lifestyle, including opportunities for learning, fitness, social activities, the arts, technology and travel. As a result, users will be able to engage and learn about what most interests them.