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Course Description:  Windows 10

This course provides the student with an idea of the content of our “Introduction to Computers” course.  The information is drawn from “Help & Support” functions of the Microsoft environment, utilizing specific examples, handouts, hands-on experiences, and instructor in-depth knowledge.  Areas stressed are computer security, personalization, working with photographs, maintaining libraries of information, and general care & feeding of your computer.

Instructor: Richard Mannix and Andy Konnick

PC Maintenance

This course will teach you how to clean your computer, troubleshoot and protect it from malicious software.

Windows 10

You will learn to use the latest Windows operating system. This course will show you how to use the new features and functions included in Windows 10 and how to customize the settings to your needs. Topics include, working with the new Windows Start Screen, installing apps, creating folders and files, installing printers, and keeping Windows and your computer secure.

Instructor: TBA


This course provides the student with an introduction to the use of the Apple iPad & iPhone. There is some homework, but it is totally optional!!


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