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Life is about doing the things
you’ve always wanted.

Lois Heffner

Member of "Good Vibrations" chorus

“I love to sing, and I love our chorus!”

According to alto Lois, if you don’t have music in your life, you’re missing something big. “We have so much fun with all kinds of songs—Hoagy Carmichael, patriotic music, Broadway medleys—and our audiences love us!”

Not only does Lois sing for the chorus, she also schedules rehearsals and performances. So, thanks to the chorus, Lois gets to keep music central in her life.

Lois finds joy in more than just music at Lehigh Valley Active Life. “I’ve taken water color classes and exercise classes. I’ve done Meals on Wheels, gone to wonderful dances, volunteered for the Blind Association…there’s so much you can do.” 

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