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Life is about doing the things
you’ve always wanted.

Gabriel Manjarrez

Lunch volunteer

“I’ve been coming here for 18 years.”

At age 83, Gabriel is a remarkably energetic and generous man. For the past 18 years, he’s been a lunchtime volunteer in our Elm Street Luncheonette, serving hot meals and keeping everyone well fed and smiling. “I like helping people, and enjoy the whole atmosphere. There are lots of programs here, too. I honestly feel that the lunch program at Lehigh Valley Active Life, where they serve nutritious meals, gives me good health to keep on going.”

Gabriel mentions the many activities include dances twice a week, on Wednesday afternoons and Saturday nights. “I’ve gone a few times, but I’m not a very good dancer.” No one seems to mind.

What else is on his plate? “I want to sign up for computer classes. I have a computer at home and want to learn how to do some new things.”

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