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Life is about doing the things
you’ve always wanted.

Dolly Fleishman

Art teacher

“With art, you can actually leave a lasting legacy to your children.”

“Artists are very nice people,” says Dolly Fleishman, who’s been teaching art here since 2011. It’s just one of the reasons she enjoys spending Tuesdays teaching two daily classes. 

Originally an art student herself, Dolly loves how everyone in her art classes encourages and learns from each other, whether they’re amateurs or professional artists. “I’ve been involved in art for 50 years. It’s very rewarding. And it keeps your mind active.”

Dolly encourages anyone who’s interested to try it now. “Many people don’t know they have the talent until they retire.” Dolly, whose specialty is painting beautiful roses, is also into portraiture, especially of her grandchildren. “I tell people that with art, you can actually leave a lasting legacy to your children. And all mediums are welcome.”

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