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You know how devastating just one fall can be. Falls are the leading cause of injury deaths for older adults. Most falls occur around the home. Don’t let it happen to you or someone you love. The Matter of Balance Program is a nationally recognized fall prevention course developed by Boston University. This program is for anyone concerned about falling. It is interactive, fun, and easy to learn. Take advantage of this great opportunity. By completing this course you will lessen your chances of falling and being injured. There will be a number of exercises to increase strength and balance in these sessions. Presenters: volunteer trainers from Allentown Health Bureau. Elm St


All are welcome! For information, please call 610-437-3700 and leave a message. T.O.P.S. representative will contact you. Weigh in 9:00 a.m. each Tuesday.


Gain strength, improve balance, increase blood flow, feel better, look better, and change your life now! Choose from many exercise programs.  Take the first couple of classes for FREE to see if you like it. Tai chi, aerobics, Zumba, yoga, aqua aerobics, line dancing, strength training and more.

Led by variety of qualified friendly instructors. 

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